GROUND ENGAGING TOOLS (GET) are heavy machinery pieces that make ground contact to cut, transport, and grade materials while working. These pieces are generally attached to larger equipment, allowing you to remove them for maintenance, attach them, or swap them out based on your needs. While GETs make your machinery more efficient, they also safeguard it from normal wear and tear. Ground engagement tools enable machines to work at their best in a variety of situations.

  • Ground Water Engaging Tools
  • Types of Ground Water Engaging Tools
  • Mahaveer Ground Engaging Tools

Ground Water Engaging Tools

GROUND-ENGAGING TOOLS can be mounted to EXCAVATORS, bulldozers, and loaders. Ground engaging tools come in a variety of sizes to be utilized with various equipment and industries. GETs can be used in any application requiring ground-moving equipment. GETs are vital pieces of equipment in every ground-moving task, from mining and construction to professional landscaping and sewage installation.

Types of Ground Water Engaging Tools

1.      Adapters: Adapters enable machines to dig at various depths. This tool assists excavators, loaders, and scrapers in penetrating the dirt at various depths. Adapters are valuable in applications that require additional power to break ground, such as forestry, construction, and mining.

2.      Cutting Edges: Cutting edges produce distinct scraping and grading effects. They might be flat, limiting ground impact, or curved and serrated, increasing soil penetration. Cutting edges are also available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and forms to meet a variety of requirements.

3.      Grader blades:  GRADER BLADES boost the ground penetration capabilities of a machine, allowing the operator to move materials more effectively. They are frequently combined with other tools to increase their flexibility.

4.      RippersRippers protect the machine’s body while shredding ground materials effectively. They’re perfect for scrapers and bulldozers.

5.      Bucket teethBucket teeth, also known as tips, are attachments that connect to wheel loader and excavator buckets to give additional strength and breaking capabilities. They also aid in the absorption of detrimental shocks to the equipment.

Mahaveer Ground Engaging Tools

MAHAVEER DISTRIBUTORS and Innovative tools may assist make a variety of innovative processes more efficient, making you and your  equipment more productive. Shopping for the particular parts you require, on the other hand, might be time-consuming. Ordering  Receive online is a handy method to get the components you need while keeping your operations running smoothly.


We maintain our warehouses. so, you may find what you need and have it sent directly to you. You’ll receive new ground engaging components in no time thanks to over 30 warehouses around the country.


1. Which Company Distributes    GROUND ENGAGING TOOLS in India?

      Mahaveer Distributors is the Company that distributes Ground Engaging Tools in India.

2. Which Type is also known as an absorption of detrimental shocks to the equipment? 

      Bucket teeth is also known as an absorption of detrimental shocks to the equipment.

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